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How is SAARTHII different from others?

By becoming an authorized IRCTC e-ticket agent through SAARTHII, retailers gain access to a reliable and efficient platform that not only simplifies the ticket booking process but also provides numerous benefits to enhance their business and customer satisfaction.

Becoming an authorized IRCTC e-ticket agent through SAARTHII opens up new revenue opportunities for retailers. By offering train ticket booking services, retailers can attract a larger customer base and generate additional income. This diversification of services can help retailers expand their business and increase profitability.

SAARTHII offers a competitive commission structure for its authorized IRCTC e-ticket agents. Retailers can earn a commission on each ticket booked through their platform, providing a lucrative incentive to join the SAARTHII network. This commission-based model ensures that retailers are rewarded for their efforts and encourages them to provide excellent customer service. 

SAARTHII ensures that its authorized agents have access to the latest IRCTC guidelines and updates. This ensures that retailers are well-informed about any changes in ticket booking rules, train schedules, or other relevant information. By staying up-to-date, retailers can provide accurate and reliable information to their customers, enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness.

SAARTHII’s collaboration with IRCTC allows retailers to offer a convenient and hassle-free ticket-booking experience to their customers. By becoming an authorized agent, retailers can provide a one-stop solution for all their customers’ travel needs. This convenience enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

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