Saarthii brings in a great opportunity for retailers to become an authorized IRCTC railway agent and make use of various web based services to serve their clients with a low investment cost. We help you in tapping into the population which do not have access to internet, facilitate their ease of transactions and bring in revenue for you in helping them. B2B portal of Saarthii provides a wide range of online services along with IRCTC agent ID on a single platform

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Saarthii portal offers a state-of-the-art B2B distribution channel, which helps you execute various travel, telecom and allied services. It enables key travel industry players and aggregators to effectively manage all aspects of their bookings, as well as payment needs in a flexible and user-friendly manner. By becoming an IRCTC railway agent, you can book unlimited train tickets online. Saarthii is a Principal Service Provider (PSP) for IRCTC ICS E-ticketing scheme as well as B2B scheme.

It provides a one-stop-solution for all travel and utility bill payment needs. We provide travel related solutions like booking of hotels, Railway Ticket, International and Domestic Air Tickets. Along with IRCTC agent ID, we also provide solutions for bill payment services including Mobile and DTH recharges, Utility Bill Payments, IRCTC tour packages, etc. Authorized IRCTC agents can book all kinds of tickets ranging from Tatkal, Waiting List to RAC. Good commissions are given on each booking and transaction. Agents will also get friendly and reliable support services along with IRCTC agent license.


To be the most preferred cutting-edge solution provider in the sphere of Travel and IT related services globally.


We wish to create innovative products and solutions catering to vast audience and contributing positively to the growth of our nation.


  • Ethics, Integrity & Honesty, we value the most
  • Effective teamwork makes us click
  • We take great pride in our professionalism
  • We thrive for creativity, imagination & innovation in everything we do
  • Customer / Franchise First
  • We stand for inclusive growth


B2B portal of Saarthii provides a wide range of online services along with IRCTC agent ID on a single platform.
Our services pan across travel and utility solutions.


If you need any help in understanding the service offerings of Saarthii and have any queries,
please refer to our FAQs section to get answers instantly

What Is An E-Ticket?

An e–ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number that neatly replaces the hassles of a paper ticket. When you purchase an e–ticket, we email it to you after the booking is complete. Simply print it out and bring it with you – along with a valid photo ID – to the counter when checking in for selected service.

What are the benefits of E-Ticketing ?

  • No need to travel anywhere (to book the tickets)
  • Real time process (if you book a seat, it will automatically update it so no one else can take that seat. )
  • Could be cheaper
  • Can access more information and find other deals online
  • Websites can compare different flight prices and details

Which all flights I can book on SAARTHII ?

Saarthii enables its retailers to book tickets for all Domestic & International Low Cost Carriers (LCC) and Full Service Carriers (FSC) in a single window. Options to buy tickets based on fare, timings and carrier choice to benefit the end user.

What Is Meant By A Direct Flight?

A direct flight is a point to point (city to city) flight that is either non-stop or has one or more intermediate stops, but without any change of aircraft.

What Is An Indirect Flight?

An indirect flight is one where stop-overs via intermediate cities are involved. Indirect flights involve change of aircraft and often a change of terminal. It is not permitted to break your journey in a transit city.

Which different classes can be booked for international flights?

Just like for domestic flights, you can book Economy Class and Business Class for International flights too. A number of carriers also have First Class on some routes, which is a higher level than Business Class.

Can I book tickets for infants?

Yes, you can book travel for infants under two years of age. Make sure they have valid proof–of–age documents when they’re checking in, and remember that infants must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years old. You can book no more than one infant per adult (hey, you try dealing with luggage, tickets, airport queues and two screaming babies by yourself). To avail of infant fares, the infant must be under 24 months of age throughout the entire itinerary that you’re booking. This includes both outbound and return journeys. If the infant is 24 months or above on the return journey, you need to make a separate booking using a child fare.

What is the maximum number of seats I can book?

A maximum of 9 seats can be booked at one time. If you need to book for more than 9 travelers you will have to re–complete the booking process for the additional travelers.

Can I book a multi–city trip?


What are the cancellation charges?

Short answer – it depends. Long answer – the cancellation charges depend on the airline, sector, class of booking, and time of cancellation. To know what’s applicable in your case, check the fare rules mentioned on the booking page when you’re making your reservation (in case you missed it then, you can always go back to your account and check out your trips pages). Apart from the cancellation charges levied by the airline, Cleartrip charges a cancellation fee of Rs 250 per passenger per sector.If Cancellation is done through the customer support executives assistance, we will levy Rs. 500 per passenger per flight.

What are bus types?

Bus types indicate the type of bus it is. For example, the standard bus types are Volvo AC buses, AC buses, Non AC buses, Mercedes buses, Non Mercedes buses, Seater buses, Sleeper buses, etc. Depending on the green icons highlighted under the bus type, you would know if the bus is a Volvo or Non Volvo, AC or non AC and Seater or Sleeper. There could be multiple combinations possible like if both the AC and Sleeper icons are green then the bus is an AC Sleeper bus. If only the AC icon is green the bus is an AC seater bus. Some buses now offer both Seater and Sleeper options as well as both AC and non AC sections within the same bus.

Can I choose my own seats?

Yes, you can choose your on seats. After short-listing your bus for travel, click on the "view" button and you will be shown a blueprint of the bus with seat options available and a choice for boarding point. Select your seat as per your preference and proceed by clicking the "continue" button. Your seats will be confirmed only when you have completed the transaction and made the payment.

How to become an IRCTC Agent with Saarthii?

IRCTC has authorized the principal service providers (PSP) to provide IRCTC license to RSP.
To become an IRCTC agent with Saarthii you need to contact the PSP and fill a declaration form, registration form of irctc.

Benefits of becoming an IRCTC railway ticket agent?

  • Book unlimited tickets.
  • Book Ticket directly on IRCTC Website https://www.irctc.co.in/eticke ting/loginHome.jsf
  • Fast, Secure And Hassle Free Service.
  • Agents will be allowed for Advance Booking of 120 Days.
  • Provide Multiple Dongle System and OTP system.
  • 24x7 Fund update Through UPI/ net banking facility also provided.

Documents required to become an IRCTC railway ticket agent?

  • PAN Card (As per IRCTC Norms)
  • Aadhar card.
  • Unique Mobile Number & Email Id (As per IRCTC Norms).
  • Latest Passport Size Photograph
  • Office Address Proof
  • IRCTC Registration Form

What is an irctc agent login id?

Through IRCTC agent login id retailers become the authorized RSP-retailer service provider to book e-tickets on behalf of IRCTC. By becoming Authorized IRCTC agent you can book all kinds of tickets ranging from Tatkal, Waiting List to RAC. Good commissions are given on each booking and transaction.

Will I get direct irctc agent login id?

Yes, We at Saarthii provide direct IRCTC login ID. You get direct access to IRCTC website from where you can book the train tickets conveniently.

How do I use the train search?

It’s pretty straight forward. Just select your origin, destination, travel date and class, and then click ‘Search’. Voila. You’re done.

Can I search by entering a three/four letter station code instead of a typing the station/city name?

Yes, you can. For instance, search for New Delhi station by typing NDLS.

I don’t understand the different classes of travel mentioned on the search page. Help me.

Sure. Here is a brief explanation of what you will find in different classes:
  • AC First Class (1A) : Offers air conditioned accommodation for two berths (one up & one down) or four berth (two up & two down) lockable compartments for overnight journeys ; linen/blankets; facility of shower/toilet at either end of the carriage & attendant services are provided.
  • AC 2 Tier (2A) : Air conditioned corridor carriage that sleeps 46 people split up into two & four berth cubicles separated by curtains.
  • AC 3 Tier (3A) : Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper. Carriages are divided into compartments with six beds in each. The beds are stacked vertically in three tiers on either side of the compartments. During the day, the middle beds must be folded down flat against the compartment walls to allow passengers to sit on the lower beds. Two tiers of beds are also located outside the compartments, along the aisle. Toilet facility at either end of the carriage.
  • First Class (FC) : Offers non AC accommodation for two berths (one up & one down) or four berth (two up & two down) lockable compartments for overnight journeys ; facility of shower/toilet at either end of the carriage.
  • AC Chair Car (CC) : Air conditioned carriage with reclining seats. Only sitting accommodation is provided.
  • Sleeper (SL) : Non-AC Sleeper class. Similar to AC 3 tier except that it is non-AC.
  • Second Sitting (2S) : Second class sitting. It provides only sitting accommodation with bench style seats.
Can I book train tickets?

Yes. Now you can not only search but also book your train tickets through SAARTHII. Just click on ‘check availability’ on the search results page and you will see a book button.

How accurate is the pricing and availability data?

We connect real time to the Indian Railways reservation system to fetch the latest availability data. To provide you a faster search experience, we cache the trains, routes and fare data however we make sure that we fetch the latest fares every time you book the ticket.

Which stations lie between the origin station and the destination station?

On the search results page, click on the train of your choice to see the stations the train passes through and the times at which it arrives and departs.

I can see my train search results, but why do I need to click on “check availability”?

Seats sell fast. And you need to know what the seat availability for your train ride is. Clicking on the “check availability” link allows you to get the latest seat availability position at that point in time.

On clicking ‘check availability’, I get ‘RAC’ in the availability status. What does it mean?

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) means that you have an assured seat but the berth has not been allotted yet. As other passengers cancel their ticket, you’ll be promoted on the RAC list and will be allotted a berth subsequently.

Does it mean that I can board the train even if my ticket status is RAC till the last moment?

Yes, you can board the train if your status is RAC. Usually the RAC passengers are allotted the berths which remain vacant due to some reserved passengers not showing up at the time of departure of the train.

On clicking ‘check availability’, I get two availability options. What’s the difference between the two?

The two availability options are general availability and ‘tatkal’ availability. General availability is the normal availability status. For the benefit of people who have planned their journey at the last moment and cannot secure reserved accommodation, Railways provide “Tatkal” ticket booking facility on payment of premium charges on a ‘first–come–first–served’ basis. You will only see tatkal option when your date of journey is in the next two days and the general availability status is ‘waitlist’.

How do I cancel my train tickets?

Cancelling train tickets you booked on SAARTHII is super easy. Just by clicking on the CANCELLATION button and selecting the passengers you want to cancel or by mailing the PNR number mentioning the reason for cancellation along with the passenger details to etickets@irctc.co.in.

How and when to file TDR?

Indian Railways allows TDR filling of unused e–tickets up to 1 Hour from the departure of the train by sending mail mentioning PNR Number and reason for filling the TDR at agenttdr@irctc.co.in. For complete information on when and how to file TDR please check IRCTC Website link below:


Do I need to confirm my booking?

No, you don’t. If you really want to, contact us at support@saarthii.com or confirm your reservation with the hotel directly.

What if I don’t get a confirmation at the time of booking?

If a confirmation page doesn’t display once you complete your booking, check your email for a confirmation. If you don’t get an email confirmation within ten minutes, let us know at support@saarthii.com and we’ll send you your confirmation details.

What are the cancellation charges?

The cancellation charges depend on the hotel, time of stay (‘season’ time, ‘off–season’ time), and time of cancellation. To know what’s applicable check hotel’s booking policy mentioned while doing booking.

If I need to cancel my hotel booking, what’s the latest I can do this by?

It depends on your hotel. Please go through the hotel’s booking policy mentioned on the booking page while making the reservation. However, please keep in mind that irrespective of what the hotel’s booking policy says, you cannot cancel your booking on the day that you’re supposed to check–in.

How long will it take for the hotel to get my booking information?

The time it takes for a hotel to get your booking information varies by specific hotel and arrival date. In most cases the hotel should receive the reservation information within 12 hours of the time you made your booking (except for nights and weekends when the hotel’s reservation department is closed).

What is my hotel’s check–in time?

Typically, the hotel check–in time is after 2:00 pm (local hotel time). Check with your specific hotel for its exact check–in time.

What is online recharge?

Online recharge is an online recharge web portal offers online mobile recharge for Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata Indicom, Tata Docomo, Reliance, BSNL, Videocon and for all major operators across the country. We also offer online DTH recharge for AirtelDTH, VideoconD2h, Tata Sky, RelianceBigTV, Dish TV and Sun TV. We are offering services for all GSM and CDMA prepaid subscribers across the country.

Can I recharge any number at this website?

Yes, You can recharge your any prepaid mobile, DTH and Data Card at our website.

How can I pay the bill for my Electricity provider?

  • On the SAARTHII website please select the ‘SERVICE’ icon and click on ‘BILL PAYMENTS’.
  • Upon reaching Electricity screen please select your ‘Electricity Board’
  • Please enter your ‘Consumer Number (some boards also call it ‘CA Number’ or ‘Account Number’) as mentioned on your Electricity bill
  • Proceed to pay the desired amount
  • Once the payment process is complete we will notify you with the status of your bill payment
  • Please note that it may take up to 2 business days to process your bill payment by your Electricity provider

My payment was successful, but the provider still says its not paid?

The electricity provider may take up to 2 working days to update the status after a successful transaction. If it still doesn’t reflect, please contact SAARTHII customer care with your order details.

Can I make a partial payment of my bill?

Most electricity boards do not allow partial bill payments. Please check with your electricity provider in case they offer that facility.

How will I get to know if the bill was paid?

After successful payment, on the confirmation screen we display the status of your bill payment
It can be one of the following:

  • Successful: The bill payment happened successfully
  • Pending: The system is waiting for a confirmation from the Electricity Board to confirm the payment. If your payment gets into a Pending mode please wait for some time as in most cases it gets automatically cleared to a successful transaction.

What is Domestic Money Transfer ?

Money Transfer allows you to send money instantly 24 x 7 x 365 to any IMPS supported banks in India. Receiver will get the money credited into their bank account within 5 -10 seconds.

Start offering money transfer services through the very same "Wallet" and boost your outlet footfall and income.

How it Works ?

Domestic Money Transfer works exactly same as how Mobile Recharge works, only difference is that instead of mobile number you need to collect the beneficiary bank account number, IFSC Code and the amount which needs to be transferred from your walk in customers.

Enter the details into a simple web form and complete the transaction. The beneficiary account will be credited the amount within 5-10 seconds.

What are the Transfer Modes ?

Our platform supports IMPS & NEFT transfer modes and the system automatically switches the transfer mode.

IMPS : Immediate Payment Service is an interbank electronic instant money transfer service which allows to send and receive money 24 x 7. The platform is powered by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) who settles the IMPS transactions in India on real time basis 24 x 7 .

NEFT : National Electronic Fund Transfer under RBI which settles NEFT transactions in India as batch wise and works only on working day and hours of RBI.

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