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  • Flight allows business partners to access both Low Cost and Full Service AIR Carriers The travel agents will be able to access real time inventory at all times . The search results are based on one of the best online low fare search tool in the industry.

  • Train

    We are the principal agent to IRCTC(the official Indian Railways Online Booking website) in their Internet Café’ Scheme, B2b scheme and the recently launched SMS based ticket booking scheme.

  • Bus

    Our online bus ticket booking services are extremely popular among our entire corporate clientele. A large number of companies prefer to have their executives travel to different cities through the many convenient bus routes that exist.

  • Hotel

    Our simple, centralized and flexible accommodation solutions give business travellers a chance to make better travel decisions with a sense of value and independence.

  • Mobile

    We provide free online solution for all prepaid & postpaid mobile operators.

  • DTH

    We provide all types of DTH recharge with best option available in India by all service provider.



Saarthii Group, a conglomerate of independent companies involved in diversified verticals like chemicals, hospitality, adhesives etc is committed to the cause of automation of the travel industry.

With a network spanning across various geographies of India and growing with a dynamic pace, envisions to position itself as the first preference for travel retail service providers

Who we are?

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Why choose us?

    • Simple and easy booking process.
    • Reliable & Fast.
    • Real time inventory.
    • The system is easy to access .
    • Convenient and flexible payment options.
    • An automated refund process.
    • Enhanced security and fraud prevention.
    • Online MIS reports on performance.
    • Productivity & accounting .